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    The neutral global network.

  • Phone and Fax [Top-Secret]
  • Email / ERP / CRP [Top-Secret]

Global-WAN transparently secures everything: all network applications and the IoT – from RFID tags to datacenters.


In today's global mobile world, no one can afford to stay isolated. But being connected should not necessarily mean being vulnerable.

Global-WAN allows you to stay connected, and even deploy innovating Internet of Things (IoT) applications, without having to worry about unlawful data interception, hacking, and sabotage.

Each user group communicating at a given time builds an ephemeral and impenetrable private Cloud to interconnect services, machines, and networks [1]. Global-WAN relies on a decentralized architecture so end-users can either operate it from their LAN or mobile devices. Optionally, large organizations can also control their Global-WAN deployments from a centralized place.

Excluding unauthorized users by-design, TrustLeap makes it impossible for criminals to intercept your communications.
Global-WAN closes the doors left widely open to your computers, LANs, services, databases and intellectual property.

[1]: All network applications (Email, LDAP, VoIP, Chat, Web, etc.) run without configuration on Global-WAN. As time goes, TrustLeap and other software publishers will develop a new kind of applications that directly benefit from Global-WAN's resilient and neutral design, an environment which neutrality is guaranteed regardless to the amounts of power involved to subvert it.